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I am the Crab

the enclosed soul

to which only I own the key

encased in a hard outer shell

to keep out those who hurt me

and those I never gave a chance to

- S.E.

  • Indie vs traditional publishing

    I have always put deep thought into what route I would eventually take when it comes to finally publishing a finished novel. Now that I have currently finished a first draft and working on my second draft of my novel, I have been placing serious thought on this subject. I know that this self-publishing route has become so popular over the recent years, but I just personally cannot get on the bandwagon. I grew up always planning on going the traditional path; yes it is harder, yes it can take years to even get noticed, but it’s a sacrifice I have always been willing to make as a writer. I have nothing against those who choose to self publish, more power to you for taking the initiative and taking control over your own work. I personally just have no experience in this and no matter the many benefits I have read about I rather have an experienced agent represent my work and get me the best publishing deal than me having to struggle to figure it out on my own. I am not completely turning away from the possibility of self-publishing in the future, just for now with my first manuscript I am just more comfortable going the traditional path and sticking with an agent.

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